Work in progress at the Barns, Marchington.

Work is going well this week on the conversion of three Grade 2 listed barns in the village of Marchington. The Barns are due for completion in the Spring, and will be on the market for sale very soon. Please contact us for sale details.

Lights, Camera, Action!!

George is on a crusade to tackle Britians housing crisis for a brand new Channel 4 series “The Great British Property Scandal”.

JWF are delighted to be asked to work on one of the housing projects in Manchester that will form one of the episodes in this new series.

The camera crew have been on site from day one and the team are being filmed as they build.

Nearly two million British families don’t have adequate housing, and yet one million homes lie empty across the country. Fired up by this senseless waste, George will set out to raise awareness on the issue and offer practical solutions for those affected.

The UK’s housing crisis has had a devastating impact on thousands of people from a wide range of backgrounds –and some of those featured in the series have shocking stories to tell: an elderly couple forced to move because of a right-to-buy scheme, single mothers who remain on waiting lists for years, and young people who simply cannot afford to leave home despite having employment.

George will be examining the problems and suggesting possible new solutions. He’ll be seeking to lobby central government and local councils urging them to up their efforts and join him in his campaign to make a real dent in the number of long term empty properties in the UK.

George is a long-term supporter of Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.

He says, “The empty homes problem across Britain is something I’ve been passionate about for many years and I’m delighted that Channel 4 has decided to commission such a ground breaking programme. It is a privilege to be at the centre of something with such amazing power to really make a difference to the lives of many people, not to mention breathing new and much needed life back into some beautiful but neglected properties. ”

To find out more search on the Channel 4 website.