The Birmingham project for Britains Empty Homes Scandal – channel 4

JWF and the team were rallied to help to put the finishing touches together for the Birmingham project showcased on tonight’s ‘Britain’s Empty Homes Scandal’ on channel 4. The team worked tirelessly all through the weekend in order to meet the deadline. A lorry load of furniture to assemble and install. Carpets, flooring and a host of fixtures and fittings to install. We think we pulled it off !

The Manchester project for Britains Empty Homes Scandal – channel 4

Here is a sneak inside the property that we refurbished in Manchester recently for George Clarke for his Britain’s Empty Homes show on Channel 4. This property featured along with a council refurbishment in Birmingham as part of Georges’ campaign.

The crane lift

Last Friday was a very cold start to a long morning for the steels going into the new roof on one of our barn conversions. After a long morning – hot bacon butties were the order of the day !

Timber office / garden room

We are currently working on a bespoke cedar clad office building. This will be a private office, but will also be self contained with at shower room, kitchen and put out bed for weekend visitors. Complete with amazing views !


Carpet Delivery

Working on a project in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, the carpet delivery arrived for the entire house. We were not expecting it all in one roll. How do you move a quarter of a ton of carpet???