JWF now have CSCS black cards!!

The CSCS Card is an industry wide measure of your competence on a building site, both in terms of health and safety and of skill level.
The Card is used to make sure that the workers on a building site are who they say they are, and that their skills and qualifications are as they claim.
The Construction Skills Certification Scheme was originally introduced to quash problems with site safety and worker skills that were being experienced by employers in construction. From an employer’s point of view, each worker’s CSCS Card is an insurance policy: that they are technically able to work on a building site, and that they are safely qualified to do so.
There are a number of advantages to having a Black CSCS card. Firstly it will show anyone you are working for or with that you have the qualification and it will give them the confidence that you have the necessary ability and have been able to show it to the examiners. It also means that you are up to date with the latest Health and Safety and at the higher level as a manager is expected to know more than a trainee or supervisor. It is also helpful for keeping up to date with what you need to know.

Farm House in Abbots Bromley – Staffordshire

This was a empty farm house when JWF got given the opportunity to renovate the entire house.