Get Your Home Ready For Winter!!

The leaves have begun to fall which can only mean one thing…winter is on its way!! Time to get those coats and scarves out again. Here are a couple of tips to get your home ready.

Leaves….they look lovely when they are on the trees but it is time for them to fall. Don’t forget to clear them from your gutters and drain covers.

A visual check of your roof is also useful to make sure you have no loose roof tiles or ridges.

Heating your home can be rather pricey. Bleeding your radiators, blocking up unused fireplaces and sealing cracks in window and door frames all help to keep down the cost of keeping you warm and toasty. (make sure you have adequate ventilation for gas appliances)

You have spent the summer enjoying your garden, having BBQ’s and getting good use out of your patio furniture. Remember to cover it up for winter so you can enjoy it all again next year!