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Wood flooring is a fantastic backdrop in residential and commercial interiors.  These floorboards are available in either solid or engineered construction, so the decision as to which type is suitable in your project isn’t always clear. Help is at hand.

Solid Or Engineered Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is the most popular. Each floorboard is made from 100% solid hardwood such as Oak or Walnut. Due to its solid construction, this floor will last up to 100 years and will react well to sanding, a process that can rejuvenate an old looking floor. The strength of the floorboard makes it particularly popular in commercial settings as it can cope with high footfall.

Engineered Wood flooring is the more veritable of the two. Each floorboard is made from a top layer of solid wood, but the core is made from plywood and mdf. On one hand the floorboard does not have the same service life as the solid type, however on the other hand it can be fitted across the entire interior even in wet and high humidity areas such as the bathroom and kitchen (in conjunction with waterproof UV lacquered coating).

Wood Flooring Fitting

JWF Building Solutions can help you fit your wood flooring using one of two common fitting methods. The two are nail or glue down vs floating installation.

Nail or Glue Down – This method relies on nails or bonding agents to secure the floorboards directly to the subfloor. Engineered wood floor may be fitted using this method or the next, however solid wood flooring must be fitted using nail or glue. The weight of the solid wood is simply too heavy for anything but the most secure method.

Floating – This method replies on each floorboard holding its counterpart in place. An underlay is highly recommended with a floating installation to prevent contact between the floor and the subfloor and more importantly to serve as a moisture barrier and insulation. Engineered wood flooring is suitable for floating installation, but not solid wood flooring.

Contact JWF Building Solutions to discuss your options. Written by WoodnBeyond.